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Acting director G.V.Grigoryan

FSUE “ISR” is the largest in Russia scientific body and pilot plant that focus on both the fundamental and applied research in the field of rubber and rubber products. One of the key achievements in XX century – the method for rubber production – was first in the world developed and commercialized by Institute.  

Over the years of Institute activities 14 large-scale production facilities were built in the territory of the former USSR to make synthetic rubbers and lattices that amounted to 90% output of all rubber and lattices produced in the country.

Nowadays, the staff of the Institute is headed by Galina Victorovna Grigorian. More than 10 Doctors of science and over 50 PhDs are working under her guidance. Two pilot plants in Leningrad region and Voronezh city are also parts of the Institute. The plants produce a wide selection of products of various tonnage and application.

A high scientific potential, professional guidance and highly skilled personnel enable the Institute to execute State orders, as well as Federal and branch science-technical programs. FSUE “ISR” participate in performing the most important national projects, actively collaborate with companies all over the world,  extensively work in foreign trade area. A number of domestic and foreign rubber/ rubber product  companies are assisted by the Institute specialists.

FSUE “ISR” developments favor the transition of Russian economy from the raw material model to the processing one, that would be followed by higher common stability and competitive power of the country. Moreover, they contribute to the science-technical progress and improve the state of worldwide society.

Last News The results of the compeition «Young scientists - Development of FSUE "NIISK» – 2014» 19 12 2016

26–31 июня 2014 г. в ФГУП «НИИСК» состоялась II ежегодная научно-практическая конференция-конкурс молодых ученых «Молодые ученые – развитию ФГУП «НИИСК»–2014». По мнению, как самих участников, так и членов жюри, конференция прошла успешно. Всего было заслушано 17 докладов участников – молодых научных сотрудников ФГУП «НИИСК», аспирантов и студентов.