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Health and recreation resort

Institute staff and guests have the opportunity to relax in the health and recreation resort "Ihala" enjoying marvelous beauty of the Karelian region.

It's an open secret that the Republic of Karelia is the territory of fabulous beauty. Holidaymakers are attracted by the virgin gorgeousness and unicity of the north nature.

The village Ihalais situated in Lahdenpohja region of Karelia republic (210.3 km from St. Petersburg). In ancient times here was located Ihalanoyavillage. As Finnish settlements were territories with courtyards(isolated farmstead), located quite far from each other, the village stretched for several kilometers along the banks of the river.

Founding the Ihalavillage is associated with the construction of the railroad to Helsinki. In 1963 FSUE “ISR” led by deputy director Utemov E.M.acceptedthe former military buildings, located two kilometers north of the village from the farm "Druzhba". After that a part of the territory was rented by two organizations - "Leninets" and "Rezinoproekt".

In 1987 FSUE "ISR"started the construction of new panel houses, which are in great demand among travelers up to this day. The administration has put a lot of efforts in order to maintain the resortin the 90s.

Currently, FSUE "ISR"actively developsthe resort, reconstructs and repairsthe existing houses, saunas, lighting and makes the other necessary work. As a result the resortis actively working and is ready to give rest not only to its employees. Vacationers are offered to choose single, double or triple rooms.

Virgin forests, clear lakes and rivers, white nights and the polar lights, fishing, berries and ringing silence offer a lot of impressions comprising the place that you will definitely want to come back again.