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Productive capacities.Branch

The structure of the FSUE "ISR" includes twopilot plantssituated in the Leningrad Region and the city of Voronezh (Institute Branch).

The pilot plants include the production areas for the introduction of new technologies developed in the laboratories of the Institute, as well as permanent installations for manufacturing the production of various tonnage and purpose.

A fruitful tandem of scientific laboratories and pilot production provides the shortest way to introduce the scientific developments of the Institute into production. An integrated approach and multi-tracking of research and development processes allows providing high quality scientific and industrial products.

In order to support scientific researches and production, as well as to provide the entire industry the Institute has set up:

1. Standardization Division, engaged in supporting and updating of the existing normative and technical documentation.

2. Accredited Metrology Laboratory, providingindustrialplants with standard samples and conducting the certification of the specific equipment.

3. Accredited sanitary-ecological laboratory.

4. Subcommittee №5 "Rubber and latex" which is part of the Technical Committee №126 "Petrochemical complex production."


For the information concerning the Voronezh branch and its Experimental production please see http://www.niisk.vrn.ru