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SC 5 – Draft comprehensive plan

DraftcomprehensiveplanoftherubberqualitycontrolphasedtransitiontostandardsmeetingISOstandardrequirements was prepared at the request and with the participation of rubber, tire and rubber good producing companies, as well as by RF Government decisionon the import replacement. PleasebeawarewiththeDraftonhere.

To implement the Draft SC 5/SC 6 (carbonblack) jointmeetingwasheldon 2016.04.20.Anumberofdecisionsweretaken,including that on the release of reference black pilot batch.

FSUE “ISR” specialistshavealreadystartedtoexecutesomesections


- draft specifications on reference black pilot batch were developed in August and sent for approval to the Institute of Hydrocarbons Processing of Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Scinces;

- specificationsweredevelopedon somereferenceingredients--zinc oxide, stearic acid, accelerators, in compliance with ASTMD 5900 requirements;

- SC 5 specialists are preparing the draft standard “Rubber. Referencematerials.Development, production and certification procedures, allowing for ASTM 4678 and ASTM 5900 provisions.

Release and certification of reference ingredients first batches are

prioritytasksofthe program ofSR quality control phased transition to ISOand ASTM standard methodology.

Industrialreferencematerials (IRMs) areinawideuseabroadinvariousapplications to monitor product quality, includingSR, black and mechanical rubber good manufactures.


The use of industrial reference ingredients and blacks provides the unity of the measurements and testing conducted by rubber producers and users, markedly reduces mutual claims in quality, improves the result accuracy and reproducibility.IRMreleaseandcertificationisparamountforsubstitution

ofexpensive American ingredients and blacks.

Thestandardmaterialsshowmorestringentrequirements for quality and stability during the storage and reproduction. In practice they are to be recorded in the State Register, so their costs are higher; they are generally used for arbitration tests and IRM checking.

AtSC 5 meetingon 27 October2016 the participants are invited to consider measuresto implementthe Comprehensive plan, in particular, the steps of elaboration, release and certification of industrial reference ingredients and blacks (of IRB type), as well as measures to providewith domestic instrumentation and rigs, such as molds, cutters, sharpening devices, etc.

YouarewelcometoparticipateinthediscussionontheDraftconcerningtheupdatingandformationofstandard technical documentation on rubberquality control, singleforallproducersandusers, with allowance for ISO and ASTM standard requirements.