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Step-by-step transition of rubber quality control to standards conforming quality assurance system under ISO standards

Draft packageplan

 1.0.Revisionanddevelopmentofdomesticscience-technicaldocumentation(STD) forrubbertestmethodsthatwouldmeettheISOrequirementsandtheseof“TechnicalSpecifications” forcommercialrubbers.

1.1. GOST R’s revision allowing for TC 160 program.

1.2. DevelopmentofnewGOSTsRfor rubber test methods and “Specifications” for SBR, BR, PI, etc., domestic grades.

1.3. Development of a draft standard “Rubber. Referencematerialdevelopment, preparation and certification” with regard to ASTM 4678 and ASTM 5900 recommendations.

1.4. ComparativetestingofvariousrubbersunderGOSTR, ISOandASTMstandards, aimed at the practice unificationand specifying their quality values for GOST R “SPECIFICATIONS”..

1.5. Expertizing GOSTs R under revision and development

–            by correspondence

          --      inSC 5sessions as STD being ready.

2.0. Progressing international cooperation in the field of standardization

2.1. Participation in expertizing ISO TC45 – continually.

2.2. Participation in rubber testing at ISO TC45.

2.3. Participation in ISO TC45 meetings

–            as observer members – onthe 1-ststep;

–            as permanent members – onthe 2-ndstep.


3.0. The selection, elaboration and certification of reference ingredients to assess rubber quality (by the import replacement program).

3.1. Specs/RFPelaboration for reference ingredients

3.2. Signing contracts for the production of a test lot of reference ingredients.Reference sample output.

3.3. Comparative testing of reference and standard ingredients for strength/rheometric characteristics.

3.4. Preparative work on and certification of the reference ingredient test lot in rubber products based on SKI, SKD, SKS and other rubber grades.

3.5. Sending the reference ingredients package. (on request).


4.0. The provision of rubber producing facilities and customers for domestic instrumentation and equipment(by the import replacement program)in compliance with ISO/ASTM requirements.

4.1. Tensile test machines – ofОАО "Polymermash" make.

4.2. Roll mills – ofОАО "Polymermash" make.

4.3. Forced air circulation ovens.

4.4. Rigging:

–            cutters under ISO 37, (OAO”Polymermash”);

–            cuttersharpeners;

–            molds to press-cure rubber plates.

4.5. RFP elaboration and transfer to the manufacturer.

4.6. The conclusion of contracts for making the equipment and riggs.


5.0. Terms and size of financing steps of the work .

Note:finance issues are to be discussed at SC 5 conference, allowing for the expenditure pre-calculation and share of enterprises interested in the package plan/ steps fulfillment. 




SC 5 Deputy Chairman,

Project author                                                    G.T.Tkachenko