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High resolution NMR spectroscopy

Research key trends:

̶ researchof polymer/copolymer microstructure;

̶ composition/structure characterizationandquantitationofgoal products and intermediates arisen in organic syntheses;

̶ structuralstudiesof a broad range of organic, bioorganic and natural compounds;

̶ determination of compound purity.


NMR spectrometer BrukerAM 50 MHz (Germany)


1-probe 5 mmof high resolution, for liquids

1Н  ̶ 13С

2-probe 5 mm

1Н  ̶ 19F

3-probe 5 mm

1Н  ̶ 19F  ̶ 13С

3-broadband probe10 mm


Instrument capabilities:

̶  recording1НNMRspectra 500 МHz;

̶  recording13С (125 МHz) and19F (470МHz);

̶  recordingdimensional spectraNMRin the range from 23 МHzto 500 МHz;

̶  recording spectra at various temperatures, using temperature set-top box  (from -150 to +100ºС);

̶  relaxation measurements;

̶  recording NMR two-dimensional  spectra COSY, NOESY.

NMRteamconsists ofhighlyskilledspecialistsable to solve a variety of research problems.Costsofservicesvary depending on work intricacy and volume.