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High resolution NMR spectroscopy

The high qualification of our employees allows the microstructure of polymers with high precision. The microstructure of various macromolecular compounds is determined using high-resolution 13C NMR. We offer interested organizations to analyze a wide range of similar materials.

Metrology laboratory

• Certification test equipment industry production, rubber and materials on their basis.
• Certification methods testing of finished products and methods of measurement in the field of nature protection.
• Development, manufacturing, certification and delivery of the State standard samples.
Plastoelasticheskih properties of materials based on rubbers, as well as the State standard samples of dynamic and kinematic viscosity.
• Development, manufacturing, certification and delivery…

Polymer physics laboratory

Laboratory of Polymer Physics consists of highly qualified specialists who are able to solve a variety of research tasks. The cost of services is calculated based on the complexity and volume of work.

Cooperation in R&D, engineering and piloting. Consultations

FSUE “ISR” suggests collaborating with organizations and specialists interested in:
- organization and carrying out of R&D, engineering and pilot works;
- providing science-methodical services and consultations in the field of rubbers and rubber materials;
- development of science-methodical materials concerning contracts with enterprises, factories and organizations;
- implementation of Institute proprietary highly efficient know-how’s for producing raw rubbers and lattices…