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Polymer physics laboratory

FSUE “ISR” are ready to perform the following analyses to all interested organizations and individuals:

  • Analysis of chemical structure on raw rubbers, lattices, ingredients, composition materials, commercial rubber products, as well as tests for the compliance with Specs./GOST characteristics.
  • Metal content determination by mass-spectrometry.
  • Determination of molecular parameters for raw rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, composition materials using solution/solution-free techniques.
  • Determination of temperature limits on the serviceability of rubbers and rubber composition materials.
  • Finding temperatures of basic relaxation and phase transitions in polymers –glass transition, melting, crystallization and crystallization degree.
  • Determination of polymer thermo-gravimetric parameters: temperature, depth, brake-down heat.
  • Estimation of polymer stress-strain and mechanical behavior   within a wide temperature range.
  • Determination of (raw) rubbers cold resistance under national standards and complied with the TR-Test ( ISO/DIS 2931 ).
  • Determination of structure heterogeneity, morphology, mixing degree for polymer blends, thermoplastic elastomers and composition materials via digital optic microscopy.
  • Evaluation of insulating properties of (raw) rubbers, composition materials in broad ranges of frequencies and temperatures.

The lab personnel are highly skilled specialists in a large body of research. The costs of services are calculated on the ground of work volume and intricacy.